Direct Selling

King Cookware are always on the look-out for keen individuals to join our family who want to have an exciting and rewarding career in direct selling, or even running their own franchise. We welcome you as a member of the King Cookware family and look forward to your future success!

King Cookware Sales Rep

So what will you get from us?


Well perhaps most importantly there’s money! Here at King Cookware we pay commission in two ways:

Sales commissions

Every time you make a sale you are earning a commission for yourself. There's no limit and  better yet, there are bonuses as you start to sell at a higher level.


The amount of commission you earn varies according to the type of order you take as well as the amount sold.

King Cookware Sales Rep

Recruiting agents

We are happy for you to introduce new agents to us and King Cookware will reward you for that.


The way this works is that we will pay you a commission once the agent you have introduced makes their first sale. After that when they make further sales they make a commission and so do you!


This may all sound a little complicated but don’t worry, we will explain it all to you when you meet us for the first time at your initial training session.

How do I get started?


Contact a friendly member of staff to enrol you on one of our convenient training sessions or alternatively arrange a meeting with a local consultant.

Who can I sell to?

Well the easiest way is to start with people you know!


How about members of your family, your friends and neighbours, your work colleagues, members of your church, parents from your children’s school or even people from your leisure club.


Why not organise a party and invite people too see what is on offer? This is a fun and sociable way to demonstrate.

I want a career with King Cookware

That is wonderful! We're pleased to offer all our agents a variety of opportunities to suit them. These can be part-time or full-time whichever suits you.


If you prefer part-time you will be earning sales commissions and also commissions when you recruit new agents.

King Cookware Franchise Owner

Franchise Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in becoming a franchise owner for King Cookware. This could be a very exciting new step in your life and one that could provide you with a wonderful new opportunity to make a great deal of money and also have fun whilst doing it.

King Cookware, a market leader


King Cookware has been successfully selling cookware and serving utensils to the African market from within the UK since 1997. We are a leader in our market and our brand is extremely well known as we carry out extensive marketing through various African TV channels in the UK and abroad.

Huge potential to sell in Africa

Our products are particularly sought after in Africa and we are now opening up the opportunities to people to market and sell our products all over Africa.


Direct selling is still in its infancy in Africa so the market potential is huge.

King Cookware Agent Selling Stainless Steel Cookware

Franchise purchase price on application

King Cookware Franchise Owner
King Cookware Franchise Owner